The Experience at the Center

Welcome to the Moshe Novomeisky Visitors Center at the Dead Sea

Here, close to Highway 90, at the southern end of the Dead Sea, on your way to a southern holiday at the Dead Sea, the Judean Desert or Eilat, you will encounter a fascinating story about the vision, initiative and determination of a Zionist pioneer with a dream to develop industry in the Land of Israel. A story that has hardly been told yet constitutes part of the Zionist ethos and the Zionist revival of the Land of Israel.

The Visitors Center preserves and reconstructs the “Palestinian Potash Company Site” in Sdom, which was used from 1934 and until the early 1950’s as the workers camp for the Palestine Potash Ltd (P.P.L) Company Factories.

With the help of various attractions, we will meet face to face the way of life and working in this isolated stretch of country, the power of the vision and the determination of the people who not only dreamed and planned, but, despite all the limitations and difficulties, devised and performed.

The tour at the Visitors Center is guided and will pass through a number of the camp buildings, which have been reconstructed, adapted and made accessible to populations with mobility issues.

We will begin in the Dead Sea Model Hall – a magnificent, innovative model that illustrates the formation of the Dead Sea rift and its uniqueness, which has attracted people to its shores throughout history.

We will continue to the building that housed the workers camp dining room. The building has been reconstructed, and in it we will meet Moshe Novomeisky for the first time. A mining engineer born in Siberia, he first arrived at the Dead Sea shores in 1911 and became the man who dreamed, planned and established in 1929 the Palestine Potash Ltd (P.P.L) Company.

Further along, with the help of innovative VR (“Virtual reality”) goggles we will enter the way of life at the workers camp at its peak and mingle with the workers.

We will become acquainted with the heroic handling of the War of Independence by the camp staff and its continuation after the war.

We will conclude with an introduction to the important minerals produced from the Dead Sea waters for modern day living and will meet the current activities of the Dead Sea Enterprises and its dilemma of preservation versus development.

The guided tour lasts around one and half hours and is suitable for all ages.

The Visitors Center is adapted and accessible to persons with special needs.

Booking tickets is possible only through our Internet website so don’t forget to book your tickets for the date and time best suited to you.

We are excited to have you visit.



30NIS Adult
25NIS Children (5-18)
25NIS Single adult in group (minimum 30 paying pax)
20NIS Senior citizens (must present identification)
20NIS Pensioners (must present identification)
20NIS Soldiers on regular duty (must present identification)
15NIS תלמידים במסגרת ביקור מערכת החינוך/תנועות נוער
20NIS Disabled persons (must present identification)
19NIS Students /foreign youth (must present identification)
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